Dental facility

70% of dogs and cats over 3 years old have clinical dental disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can add years to your pet’s life with our modern dental facility. 

We now know that poor dental hygiene not only causes discomfort in the mouth but it can also cause severe disease elsewhere in the body. Liver, kidney and heart problems are all associated with bad teeth.

Cats in particular also suffer from erosions in the tooth enamel which are much harder to spot but can cause severe pain.

What are the symptoms of dental disease in pets?

The early signs of dental disease are gingivitis  and the build up of tartar. This progresses to gum recession and loss of bone surrounding the tooth.

If you recognise any of these symptoms contact us immediately for a complete dental health check-up and treatment plan.

How do you treat dental disease in pets?

We have modern dental facility, hygienic dental equipment allowing us to perform a simple scale and polish or extractions if needed.

Preventative dental care for pets

By implementing a comprehensive dental care routine at home and bringing your pet for periodic dental checkups with our team, you can prevent, or at least reduce many of the dental issues we see in practice.

Your pet may need dental treatment

Find out what the other signs of dental disease to look out for are on our Dental facilities page.

Early intervention will help to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy and may significantly extend their lifespan.

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