Home Visits

Home visit for pets

If your pet has developed a problem and you find yourself unable to attend the surgery, we can provide a home visit for your pets, we will come out to see you in the comfort of your own home. Some pets are more comfortable and less stressed at home, they may tolerate examinations better.

During a home visit we can examine your pet and do a number of routine procedures such as, vaccinations, nail clipping, administer medications, draw blood samples, discuss management of medical problems and even perform ultrasound scans!

Please note that home visits are rarely suitable for an emergency situation.

Home visits may not be possible to arrange at short notice.  As a single vet practice, we do have pre-booked surgeries and appointments to attend to on a daily basis. If you do require a home visit please try to give us as much notice as you can!

We do not carry all medications with us, however products can be collected from the surgery at a later date. The vet can also bring your pet back to the hospital if more intensive treatment is necessary.

We can perform End of Life procedure where you can either choose a communal cremation (where you don’t get any of your pet’s ashes back) or an individual cremation, where your pet’s ashes will be returned to you, in a choice of urn. For more information about the crematorium, please look here (https://www.pcsonline.org.uk).

Please Contact reception for further information.