When should I get my puppy/kitten vaccinated?

Young puppies and kittens are protected from some infectious diseases by antibodies given to them by their mothers and vaccination will not be of benefit in puppies until the protection from their mothers has waned.
We therefore recommend puppies are given their primary vaccination course at eight and ten weeks of age and kittens at nine and twelve weeks of age.

Find out more about vaccinations for your pet here

What do I need to do to take my pet abroad?

To qualify for travel between EU countries and return to the UK, your pet must have met the following criteria in the order shown:

Your pet must microchipped, vaccinated against rabies with at least 21 days prior departing (and kept fully up to date with boosters) and have an Animal Health Certificate  issued by an Official Veterinarian (We have an Official Veterinarian Qualification in the practice ).

What age can my cat/dog be neutered?

Neutering has many benefits for both male and female pets. Neutering stops pets from having unwanted litters and reduces their chances of developing illnesses. Your pet can be castrated or spayed from 6 months of age.

How do I make an appointment?

Please ring us on 01733792866. We are happy to answer most enquiries about your pet but obviously we are unable to diagnose over a telephone. Nothing beats seeing you and your pet in person.

What do I do in an emergency,  if the surgery is closed?

In the event of an emergency please ring our main number 01733792866 and you will be asked to ring an external number.

 What do I do if I have found an animal?

If you find a pet, such as a dog or cat, we are happy to scan them for a microchip for you at no cost. We can then assist in contacting the owner if the animal’s chip details are up to date. In the event of stray animals, the Dog Warden at Peterborough Council should be contacted. If the animal is a wild animal, especially a young animal please leave it alone for 24 hours. This is in accordance with RSPCA Guidelines. Young animals are likely to have their parents nearby waiting to assist them once you are gone. By all means keep tabs on them and if you are still concerned after 24 hours please give the RSPCA a call.

Where can I find information on animal care?

If you have any questions or queries on how to look after your pet just give us a call or pop into the surgery and our staff will be happy to help


Do I need to give notice for repeat prescriptions?

We ask for 48 hours notice for repeat prescriptions. We are happy to arrange for repeat prescriptions to be sent to you by email if more convenient than collecting from inside the practice.

How am I expected to settle my bill?

Payment for all treatment is due at the time. This policy ensures we keep our prices as low as possible. In some circumstances we are able to arrange direct claims from insurance companies: if you wish to investigate this option please discuss with the practice before commencing treatment.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Debit and Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit), BACS transfer (in advance of collecting your pet).